Tall Person Comfort Synchro Tilt Chair Blue Seat Height 63cm

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Tall Person Comfort Synchro Tilt Chair Blue Seat Height 63cm

This luxury Reclining Chair has premium features that create the conditions for the user to be able have a good posture and have great comfort. The seat height can be adjusted from 50cm to 63cm high.
By choosing a chair with one or more features that can help to allow the user to adopt a good posture, you are wisely recognising that you should take good care of your joints and muscles. In the most general terms, the amount you use a computer or display screen regularly every day gives an indication of the number of ergonomic features or adjustments you should consider for your chair. If you spend a lot of time on a keyboard, then you should be using a chair with a lot of ergonomic adjustments. If you are a person who spends a lot of time thinking and talking, with just a short time each day on a computer, then a tilting or reclining chair, like this one, may suit you best and in fact may aid you. Simply reclining backwards reduces the downward force on the base of the spine (as the seat back takes some weight) and it is sometimes helpful and relaxing to lean back and think more clearly. 
The seat on this reclining chair is formed from shaped high density moulded foam, which gives a firm feel. You will sit on the foam rather than in it. The covering is a smooth matt black, slightly textured, soft touch fabric. The seat is mounted on a premium synchronous mechanism. When reclining the seat and back both tilt but because of the special design of the mechanism, they tilt by differing amounts. The back tilts about twice the degree as the seat which makes the posture feel natural and reduces unwanted pressure under the front of the thighs compared to a basic tilting mechanism. The tension of the tilt can be adjusted to suit the user’s preference and weight by a spring tensioner under the seat. The user can set the chair either on relaxing free float or can lock the chair at four different degrees of tilt including an upright position. When a chair is tilted, some of the weight of the users back is taken by the seat back, reducing downward pressure on the spine.
The shaped backrest is covered in the same smooth soft touch fabric which forms a firm supportive shape around the user while behind the backrest is an upholstered lumbar support pad which has some vertical adjustment. Fixed securely to the top of the back is an upholstered head / neck rest (Depending on the back height of the user) with rotation adjustment and a small height adjustment. Users should note that a neckrest or headrest on an office chair is much like that used in car, it will only be in contact with the body when reclining, not when the back is vertical while working on a desk.
Height adjustable arms are fitted with soft top pads. The height adjustment is used so that the elbows can be supported at the right height for keyboard use. (Forearms horizontal) By using chair arms, the weight of the user’s arms through the spine is also reduced.
The nylon and glass fibre base is wide and strong, providing great stability. When sitting in this chair the adjustments provide the means for the user to have a good posture but they will also feel comfortable, safe and supported. Tingha Tall. Blue. For users up to 114kg (18st). Maximum safe hours per day usage 8.
This reclining office chair is imported into the UK solely by us, which is true of almost all of the chairs that we sell. We personally visit all of our suppliers and specify exactly what we want so we know about the products we sell. We buy direct from the factory and stock the chairs in our warehouse. By buying direct from us you cut out the middlemen and get only quality products at great prices. If you want any advice without a sales pitch, please do get in touch by email or phone.


Useage limits
Maximum weight of user 114kg (18st)
Recommended max hours useage per day 8
Our View
Guide to seat foam thickness cm 5
Foam type (seat) high density moulded foam
Seat adjustment Height is adjusted by a lever. The seat is indirectly attached to the back through the synchro mechanism. This allows the seat and back to tilt at the same time, but at different ratios. The tilt tension can be adjusted to suit user. Four position lock
Back adjustment The seat and back can tilt at the same time, but at different ratios. The tilt tension can be adjusted to suit user. Adjustable lumbar support. Neck rest centre between 7 and 13cm above top of back
Seat slide no
Arm adjustment Height adjustable by 6cm
Tilt tension adjustment Tilt tension adjustment. Lock in four positions
Mechanism Premium synchro tilt with tilt tension control and four position lock
Overall dimensions
Height, all settings at lowest positions cm 120
Height, all settings at highest positions cm 137
Width with arms fitted cm 64
Width without arms fitted cm 50
Depth, back moved closest to seat cm 59
Weight unboxed 22
Detailed dimensions
Seat height, lowest position 50
Seat height, highest position 63
Sitting area width cm 50
Sitting area depth cm 48
Back height from seat, back in lowest position cm 59 (Neck rest centreline is 7 - 13 cm above top of backrest)
Back height from seat, back in highest position cm 59 (Neck rest centreline is 7 - 13 cm above top of backrest)
Arm height from floor, all setting at lowest cm 72
Arm height from floor, all settings at highest cm 89
5 star base diameter cm 66
Colour Blue
Seat covering premium non itch fabric
Back covering premium non itch fabric foam sandwich
5 star base material nylon and glass fibre

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