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Berry Fabric Tall

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Super Tall Person Chair Lumbar Pump and Seat Slide 150kg Black Seat Height 74cm UK Made

Top quality office chair for a taller person with a premium mechanism that gives exceptional degree of adjustments for comfort and good posture. Black smooth fabric on seat and back.
The seat height is taller than average, rising from 58cm to 74cm, height adjustment is assisted by a gas lift. This is a very high seat. Please check what height seat is best for you here before ordering. We do have a lower version of this chair, to view it please see 1503HABK or 1503HABKT9.
The seat back is shaped in moulded foam to give the user support in the lumbar region. The height of the seat back can be adjusted through an 8 position ratchet so that the area of lumbar support can be moved up or down to the best position for the users back. The tilt of the back has an unusually large degree of adjustment so you can have the back support at any angle between leaning forward and leaning backward. This seat back is designed not to push on your shoulders, so you are able to freely move your upper arms. Inside the lumbar region of the seat back is an inflatable air bag, which is hand operated by a small balloon pump attached to the seat back, which can be used to alter the amount of pressure on the lumbar region.
The wide seat pad (52cm) is mounted on a seat slide so that users with a variety of thigh lengths can get proper support. The depth of the sitting area can be varied from 44cm to 49cm. The padding is high density moulded foam, which gives a firm feel to the seat for long lasting comfort, more of a feeling of "sitting on" than "sitting in". At the front of the seat pad is a waterfall front, which is a specially curved shape to avid undue pressure under the front of the thighs. The seat pad can also be tilted so that the user can acheive a variety of safe working positions depending on the task being carried out, in particular so that the upper thighs can be level or in a slight decline when using a keyboard. Again the degree of tilt available from the quality mechanism is exceptional, the the seat can even be tilted downwards if required. Have a look at  the pictures of this chair to better appreciate the degree of adjustment. The independent  adjustment of the seat height, seat tilt and back tilt are by levers that can be locked in  an infinite number of positions. 
To support the arms and avoid arm strain when working, the chair arms are height adjustable adjustable so the user can get support under the elbows and keep the forearms horizontal. The arms have soft feel pads on top.
The mechanism also allows the seat and back to tilt together, the tension of the tilt is adjusted by a knob under the seat to suit the users weight and preference.
By choosing a chair with one or more adjustable features, you are wisely recognising that you must take good care of your joints and muscles. In the most general terms, the amount you use a computer or display screen continuously every day is a good indication of the number of features or adjustments you should consider for your chair. If you are a person who spends a lot of time thinking and talking, with just a small daily time on a keyboard, then a tilting or reclining chair may suit you best and may in fact aid you. Simply reclining backwards reduces the downward force on the base of the spine as the seat back takes some weight of your spine and you might enjoy or find it helpful to lean back for a while to think or relax. On the other hand, if you are working on a  keyboard all day, you really should have a chair that has as a minimum, adjustable seat height, seat tilt, back height and back tilt.
Berry Fabric Super Tall. For users up to 150kg (23st). Maximum safe hours per day usage 10.
We are the sole supplier of this specially designed and UK made office chair, which is true of almost all of our chairs. We personally visit all of our suppliers and specify exactly what we want so we know about the products we sell. We buy direct from the factory and stock the chairs in our warehouse. By buying direct from us you cut out the middlemen and get only quality products at great prices. If you want any advice without a sales pitch, please do get in touch by email or phone.


Useage limits
Maximum weight of user 150kg (23st)
Recommended max hours useage per day 10
Our View
Foam type (seat) high density moulded foam with waterfall front
Seat adjustment Height and tilt are separately adjusted by two levers with infinite positions
Back adjustment Tilt is adjusted by a lever with infinite positions, height by an eight position ratchet. Inflatable pad in lumbar region
Seat slide yes
Arm adjustment Height by 8cm
Tilt tension adjustment Tilt tension adjustment. Lock in any position
Mechanism 3 lever plus back ratchet and seat slide
Detailed dimensions
Seat height, lowest position 58cm
Seat height, highest position 74cm
Sitting area width cm 52
Sitting area depth cm 44-49
Back height from seat, back in lowest position cm 57
Back height from seat, back in highest position cm 64
5 star base diameter cm 66
Colour Black
Seat covering smooth fabric
Back covering smooth fabric

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