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Office Chairs


Chairs for offices of many different types, all in one place to make your comparisons easier. From basic desk chairs for home or office to sophisticated office chairs for safe and comfortable all day working.

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Computer Chairs


Our computer chairs all have the four key adjustments needed to keep a keyboard user healthy and safe. We are a UK specialist in chairs for computer users from task chairs to heavy duty computer chairs.

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Ergonomic Chairs


Ergonomic office chairs for all types of people and task. These chairs will allow you to adopt a good posture and to avoid bad backs and aching shoulders. We can help you choose your ergonomic chair here.

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Cheap and Sale Chairs


Top quality chairs that we want to sell in order to make more space in our warehouse. Nothing wrong with them at all, so they are a bargain!

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Tall Office Chairs


Purpose made higher seat chairs that allow taller people to adopt a good posture and to be comfortable. Why should tall people suffer back ache? Try these chairs if you are six feet (180cm) or over.

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Draughtsman Chairs


Our draughtsman’s chairs with arms have several features for safe working on a high seat, as the seat height can be raised to a very high 84cm. These chairs might be used at a high counter or pharmacy window.

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