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Tall Person Chair Lumbar Pump and Seat Slide 150kg Black Seat Height 64cm UK Made

Tall Person Chair Lumbar Pump and Seat Slide 150kg Black Seat Height 64cm UK Made


Top quality office chair for a taller person with a premium mechanism that gives exceptional degr.....

The variety of chairs that might be described as Cheap Office Chairs is enormous! Price is in the eye of the beholder, so here is a selection of our chairs that maintain our reputation for quality, selling at lower prices. In your home you might carry out  all of the tasks that you would do a commercial workplace and vice versa, so as all our chairs are appropriate for a commercial workplace they can also be used at home.

At home you might use a chair on a more casual basis than in a work environment, perhaps 15 minutes a day to do the online shop, or to study for exams. You might want to pay less for a chair that you use occasionally and not worry so much about having one with multi adjustments. 

So in this section, we have included chairs that are not expensive, but you can be assured of the quality. They all have simple mechanisms that include seat height adjustment by gas lift and they are all swivel chairs. If you want a more sophisticated chair then please have a look at our Computer and Ergonomic sections. 

As with almost all of our products, we are the sole UK importer of these Cheap Office Chairs. We personally visit all of our suppliers and specify exactly what we want so we know about the products we sell. We buy direct from the factory and stock the chairs in our warehouse. By buying direct from us you cut out the middlemen and get only quality products at great prices. If you want any advice without a sales pitch, please do get in touch by email or phone

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Please read 'Choosing a chair and FREE fabric samples' to help you make the right choice and to reduce the risk of an expensive return. . . . . . FREE delivery in 3 working days to almost all of the UK. We also deliver to Ireland, from our own stocks. . . . . . Do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone if you need any further information; there is no hard sell, only a support team

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