About Us

Our background

We have supplied the business market for over 25 years.  Our experience covers all aspects of the industry including product design, project management, space planning, sourcing, warehousing, distribution, assembly and installation. Some of the team have run successful multi million pound furniture businesses. Now we are solely concentrating on office seating with Chairs for Offices, with offices and warehouse in Cambridge, UK.

Chairs for Offices sell nothing but chairs

We want to make sure that our customers have a source of office seating that offers good value with quality that they can rely on.  Our view is that this cannot be done by offering a huge range of furniture products sourced from wholesalers, drop-shippers and mass distributors. It can only be done by sourcing and stocking our own chairs. Chairs that we know and have confidence in.

We personally specify and select what we sell

Every product you see in our store has been specified and selected by us. We have examined every chair carefully to make sure it meets our standards and requirements for price, quality and features. You will see from the extent of the detail included in the specifications for every chair that we want to provide you with everything you might need to know. If there is something else you would like to ask about, please use the ‘Contact us’ option and we will be delighted to help.

We visit every factory we buy from

Our chairs are sourced from factories all over the world, including China.  Wherever the factory is, we make a personal visit. As well as looking at product, we want to meet the people who run the operation, check the working methods and quality control processes and we also want to review the social policies and practices. If we are not satisfied, we will not buy. 

There are no middlemen; we stock all our chairs in our warehouse

To ensure we have full control over what we offer to our customers, we only buy direct from factories. We will not buy from drop-shippers or wholesalers simply in order to increase the range we offer.  

We have no salespeople

We sell only through our website. If you want to know more about anything connected with our products, please email or call. We do not employ any sales people; we only have a support team. 

We do not make misleading or extravagant claims

For example, we give clear recommendations on the maximum weight of a user for every one of our chairs.  Other sites we have come across might say "Fitted with a 24 stone gas lift", inferring that the chair will take that weight safely because no other information is given. On enquiring you may be told the safe weight limit was much less. Neither do we make claims like "at the lowest prices ever", though we know our prices for the quality of our products are good because we buy direct. We are honest, plain speaking and helpful.

Thank you for considering us.

Graeme Loudain

Some important information

Please read 'Choosing a chair and FREE fabric samples' to help you make the right choice and to reduce the risk of an expensive return. . . . . . FREE delivery in 3 working days to almost all of the UK. We also deliver to Ireland, from our own stocks. . . . . . Do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone if you need any further information; there is no hard sell, only a support team

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